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Storyvoice was initially created with grant funding from the MIT Media lab, and began as a live storytelling show for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. Today, our weekly live read-aloud shows have welcomed over 100,000 classrooms and families across 35 countries.

Designed for impact

From one crisis to another, Storyvoice continues to find purpose.

Storyvoice was designed in response to the Syrian refugee crisis to help disadvantaged children keep reading and learning while out of school. With the onset of COVID-19 and global school closures, we expanded the Storyvoice experience to reach more kids in need. Through the process, we have been able to create a vibrant international reading community, and an exciting new technology that helps every child, everywhere, regularly enjoy the benefits and joy of reading with others.

Meet the team

We are a team of engineers, designers and publishing execs, representing three nationalities, united by a shared love for stories and passion for making a difference.

Head photo of Mike Clarke
Mike Clarke
Co-founder, CEO
Born in New Jersey, Mike got the idea for Storyvoice while working with refugee schools in Lebanon. Today, you can find Mike reading on Storyvoice and cooking "slop" for Leen and Ahmad.
Head photo of Leen Naffaa
Leen Naffaa
Co-founder, Head of Design
Born in Lebanon, Leen is a Palestinian illustrator and graphic designer. She spends most of her time illustrating children's books and eating way too much tahini.
Head photo of Leen Naffaa
Ahmad Ghizzawi
Co-founder, CTO
Born in Lebanon, Ahmad runs Storyvoice's tech. His Masters thesis used AI to reveal profile bias in freelancing websites. Smart guy, but don't ask him what he eats.
Head photo of Wayne
Wayne Friedman
Advisor & Partnerships
A New Jersey native, Wayne has been in publishing for 20+ years, most recently as VP of content acquisition at Scholastic Book Clubs. He's also a big Rutgers fan, and avid bike rider.

For every child, a bedtime story

Over 50% of children lack regular one-on-one reading time at home, a key contributor to early literacy and learning gaps around the world. Our mission is to democratize access to live reading experiences for kids, giving everyone a chance to grow up with the magic of stories and benefits of reading with others.

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